How to get License for Travel Agency in Haripur KPK

How to get License for Travel Agency in Haripur KPK

This blog post will discuss How to get License for Travel Agency in Haripur KPK. To obtain a travel agency is to propose a name for the the business and check for its availability with Directorate Of Tourist Services (DTS)  (Visit Regional office Abbottabad) and file an application in Form-I Form -1 (attached herewith) together with the following documents:

  1. Bank Guarantee Certificate from the bank .The amount should be at least rupees two hundred thousands (200,000 )
  2. Wealth statement (assets and liabilities certified by Chartered Accountant or cost and management Accountant.
  3. Copy of National Tax Registration Number or NTN.
  4. Attested copies of rent agreement / land registry / ownership of the premises.
  5. In case of Partnership Firm or AOP attested copy of Partnership Deed and Form C for Registrar of Firms.
  6. In case of Private Limited Company, certified copies of Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Form-A and Form-29  from Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP
  7. The area of the business premise must be at least 250 square feet. A complete map or sketch (which shows space, counters, show windows etc.) of the office shall be provided.
  8. The applicant must have at least one year’s practical experience. Alternatively, a list of hired staff should be provided along with their profile (designations, qualification, training and experience in travel business
  9. Attested copies of CNIC of the Proprietor/ Partners/ Directors / Staff.
  10. List of motor vehicle for business ( 800cc or above )
FIELD OF OPERATIONLicense feeBusiness Guarantee
Main OfficeBranch Office
Booking of passages and baggage by air rail, road or sea for any destination.           8,000                    4,000           200,000                75,000
Group tours to a foreign country         10,000                    5,000           150,000                55,000
Group tours for locals or foreigners within Pakistan         10,000                    5,000           150,000                55,000
Sightseeing, providing or arranging sports including shooting (Shikar), entertainment or arranging trekking or mountain climbing for tourists         12,000                    8,000           150,000                75,000
Providing or arranging Accommodation and transportation for tourists within or outside the country           4,000                    2,000              50,000                20,000

Conditions of License:

  • Available to Pakistan citizen only.
  • The licensee shall display his license at a prominent place of business
  • Not transferable
  • the application for renewal of a license shall require to file before the date of expiry, failure to do the applicant shall pay the late fee of five thousand rupees (5,000)

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