How to register with KPRA in Haripur

How to register with KPRA in Haripur

In this blog post we are going to discuss How to register with KPRA in Haripur . Businesses in the province of KPK are required to be registered with KPRA if the services provided are taxable. The services are taxable if listed in the second schedule of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sales Tax on services 2022. Here is the list of taxable services along with rates of taxes.

Nature of Business / ServicesRate of Tax
Hotels, Restaurants, Marriage Halls, Pand als and  Shamiana Services, Lawns, Caterers, Motels, Guest House15%
Beauty Parlors, Beauty Clinics, Health Care Centres, Health Clubs, Gyms, Physical Fitness Centres, Body Massage Centres and  Pedicure Centres5%
Laundries and  Dry Cleaners15%
Telecommunication Services19.50%
Customs Agents15%
Courier Services 
Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Recruiting/Recruitment Agents, Labor Or Manpower Supply Services, Insurance Agents, Commission Agents, Distribution Agents5%
Manpower Recruitment and  Labour Supply15%
Advertisements including T.V Including Cable T.V Networks, Radio, Cc T.V., Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, Websites And Internet, Poles, Bill Boards, Electronic Bill Boards, Hoarding Boards, Signboards10% in case of electronic media and 5%  for print media
Property Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Planners15%
Automobile Dealers15%
Architects, Town Planners, Property Developers or Promoters and  Interior Decorators.15%
Construction Services (Construction Of Structures, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Underpasses Or Flyovers )15%
Technical, Scientific & Engineering Consultants 
Digital or It-Based Services2%
Event Management, Exhibition, Event Photographers, Videographer8%
Cable Tv Operators2%
Health Care Centre, Gym, Swimming Poles or Physical Fitness Centre 
Call Centers2%
Storage and  Warehousing Services Including Warehouses, Cold Storages Loaded Containers on Rental or Charges Basis.10%
Visa Processing15%
Online Market Place (Omp) Including Online Platform or Portal Service2%
Entertainment Services Including Cinema, Amusement Parks, Modelling Shows, Music Concerts Etc.5%
Oil, Gas And Mining Sector Or Industry15%
Fashion Designers2%
Container terminal  including services of storage or warehousing of containers10%
Laboratories Including Scientific , Mechanical , Chemical , Electrical Or Electronics , Pathological , Forensic  Medical Diagnostic  Including  X-Rays, Ct Scan, M.R. Imaging (Mri), Ultrasound, Echo Etc5%
Dredging Or Desilting Services Including Cleaning Of Canals, Water Channels/Tunnels/Lines Or Reservoirs, Pools, Fish Ponds15%

The requirements are given below.

  • KST-01 Form
  • NTN certificate of Firm/Company
  • Original partnership deed (In case of Firm)
  • Original registration certificate from the registrar of firms
  • CNIC’S of all Partners/Directors
  • Original bank Statements for all Accounts for the last 3 months.
  • Rent Deed / Ownership/Lease Deed of business  premises
  • Last paid bills (gas, telephone, or electricity) of business
  • Letterhead in the business name (with mobile/phone number, email, and postal address.
  • Letter of authority
  • NTN certificate of all Partners/Directors

In the case of a company

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Form 29 / Incorporation Form-2
  • Form A & memorandum of association
  • Shareholding of all Directors

Business Name and Address as on NTN should match with the Name and Address on Letter Head, Electricity Bill, and Bank Certificate.

Fill out the application form and visit the nearest KPRA office along with the original documents listed above. Currently, the online registration facility is not available. After the submission of the application, the KPRA office will send activation instructions to the email address provided by the applicant. The registration process will normally take 2-3 working days.

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