STRN Registration


Sales Tax Registration

Sales Tax Registration Number is a number allocated by the government of Pakistan to a person/AOP /company, involved in any taxable activity, for charging sales tax on products. Sales tax is an indirect tax, so collected from end-users by the manufacturer or trader and deposited in the government treasury at the end of the month.

Without Sales tax registration, no businessman can import & export anything as well as will not be able to work with any well-reputed company or Government organization in Pakistan. Without Sales tax registration in Pakistan, you cannot participate in any tender process in Pakistan. You can also not get registration of various Government, Semi-Government and Multinational companies.


The following sectors are required to get registration for sales tax and charge sales tax on their supplies/ services:








Distributors, Wholesalers & Retailers.

Sales Tax is applicable on all locally produced and imported goods except computer software, poultry feeds, medicines, unprocessed agricultural products of Pakistan and other goods specified in Sixth Schedule to The Sales Tax Act, 1990.

  • Person not having STRN number will be charged a further sales tax of 5% in addition to 17% of sales Tax (Total 17+5=23%) on its purchases.
  • Person will not be entitled to claim input tax on its purchases.
  • Person making zero-rated supplies will not be able to claim refunds on its sales.
  • Person will not be able to import machinery, raw material etc.
  • Person cannot exports goods.
  • Without Sales tax registration, you cannot participate in any tender process in Pakistan.
  • Many National and Multi-National companies will not sell you goods without having STRN.









First of all, the required Documents for Sales Tax Registration are collected. Following is the list of documents:

    • Copy of valid CNIC of all Directors
    • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
    • Copy of Electric bill of Premises (latest paid bill required)
    • Rent Agreement / Ownership Documents
    • NTN – National Tax Number
    • Number of all Directors
    • Company Letter Head (Blank)
    • Certified copies of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
    • Certified copies of Form 29, Form 21
    • Copy of Incorporation Certificate / Company Registration certificate
    • Email, Mobile No., which have not been used in tax profile of any individual or company
    • Authority letter in favor of one director, issued by all other director to authorize one director to represent before tax authorities for sales tax registration and to receive User ID, Pin and Password.
    • Nature of Business


Submission Of Documents

The Registration Form(s) along with all documents attached are submitted to the Central Registration Office, FBR, or Sales Tax Collect orates/ RTOs for the allotment of a Registration Number by the persons liable to be registered under the Sales Tax Act. The taxpayer is then issued a Certificate of Registration.


Presence Of Authorized Director Before Tax Officials

The director must present himself in front of the Registration Officer In-charge. Biometric verification of director is done and picture is also taken. As per law each registered person must file a return by the 15th of each month regarding the sales made in the last month.

All registered persons are required to file returns electronically and in such cases the payment is to be made by the 15th and return can be submitted on FBR’s e-portal by 18th.


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