NTN Registration

What is NTN ( National Tax Number)

NTN stands for National Tax Number. A company or an association of persons are assigned an NTN or a Registration Number when they e-enroll on the FBR Iris portal. In case of individuals, 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number will be used as NTN or Registration Number.

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What is Company NTN Registration?

Even the business owner requires an NTN or registration number. The only identity of a sole proprietor in the country is his/her income tax registration number as they are not registered to any other regulatory or registration authority. Moreover, their NTN is used for opening a bank account too. Get the best NTN services for your business from Al Muhasib Consultant. We will help you to register, verify and even cancel your business NTN number in Pakistan. Help your business get all-in-one and comprehensive NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification as well as NTN cancellation services.


Who Should Apply for Company/NTN Registration?

Requirements for NTN registration:



  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • Copy of recently paid utility
  • Latest pay slip
  • Contact Number and valid Email address
  • National Tax Number (NTN) of Employer, Office Address, and valid Email address



  • Copy of valid CNIC.
  • Copy of recently paid utility bill of business location.
  • Blank Business Letter Head.
  • Property papers or Rental Agreement (Rental Agreement printed on Rs. 200/- stamp paper).
  • Contact Numbers and valid Email address.
  • Nature of Business.

Procedure of company/NTN registration:


You can easily register your company in Pakistan for NTN by FBR using online e-registration procedure for NTN on the FBR website. If you are not able to do your NTN registration by your own, you can contact NTN Registration company in Pakistan, Al Muhasib Consultant to get your NTN registration certification for your company and business in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore or any city in Pakistan. We make the procedure smooth and hassle free. We also provide services to change your company name in NTN certificate. Not only this, we also provide NTN cancellation services if you are selling or closing your business operations. So, what are you waiting for?


At Al Muhasib Consultant, you can also get help form our legal experts to get your brand registered in Pakistan. No matter if you are opening, a restaurant, a coffee shop, or any digital agency. We can offer you our services and help you in registration of a single member company (SMC), registration of a private limited company (PVT), registration of a pubic limited company in Pakistan under company registration law in Pakistan. You will get consultation from our legal experts who have experience in all these matters of FBR, IPO and SECP.


Benefits of Company/NTN Registration in Pakistan:


Once the individual or business is registered, the holder enjoys the following benefits:


  • NTN registration gives strength to the business
  • The NTN holder can become the members of the many renowned clubs and get many advantages of that
  • The NTN holder and income tax Payer can get many advantages from the Government about his business and individual too
  • The NTN holder can become the member of chamber of commerce and Industry and avail the benefits of the chamber of commerce and the Industry.
  • The NTN holder can make contracts and assignment with the foreign companies and firms, he can get agencies and foreign company liaison office.
  • The NTN holder is preferred for the visa of the abroad.


There are a number of legal and financial advantages to registering your company in Pakistan. The government deems you a sole proprietor whenever you start making money from your local company. That means you run the business under your own name and submit business taxes on your personal tax return; in the perspective of the law, you and the company are the same legal entity, which may not be in your best interests.

What is Company NTN Registration?

  • Legally registration of any small business or company fortifies your brand and gives legitimacy to your business: When you register your business, it becomes much easier for potential clients to acknowledge you as a legal organization.
  • Company registration creates a separate financial entity for your company: Your individual and commercial finances will be considered separately after your company is incorporated. This means that unless you have personally guaranteed the debts, your personal assets cannot be seized to satisfy corporate debts, and you cannot be held liable for the debts.
  • Registration of your company in Pakistan can increase chances for business and funding: You must have an official business registration in order to qualify for a business loan. Because once you ask for investment in a registered business, investors are more likely to take you seriously.
  • Company Registration grounds you in the company and keeps you focused: Having a formal company will motivate you to devote your efforts and time to it. You may be proud of being a business owner; it’s no longer just a concept or a leisure.
  • Registering a Company protects you from personal liability since your company is now a separate legal entity as a registered company. This ensures that any constitutional matters will be kept apart from your personal life.

At, Al Muhasib Consultant you can also get your trademark registration, without any hassles, no matter whether you are in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan or any other city of Pakistan. Contact our representative, and he will guide you through the whole process.