NTN Registration In Haripur KPK

NTN Registration In Haripur

NTN Registration In Haripur KPK: NTN means the National Tax Number issued by the FBR to the every registered taxpayer. It is the unique Identification Number. For individuals, CNIC is your NTN. For organizations such as Partnership Firms (AOP), and NGOs you have to visit your relevant RTO for registration. For individuals, you can get registered with FBR by yourself. In this article, you will learn the complete procedure of NTN Registration In Haripur KPK.

The following information’s the pre-request for NTN registration.

  1. CNIC
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email
  4. Address

Visit the Iris portal of FBR  and then click Registration for “Unregistered Person” and enter your Personal details Name, CNIC, Mobile and e-mail, and resident address.
After submitting FBR will send a verification code and password to your mobile number and email. The NTN registration process is now completed and you can log in to your IRIS account. Please note that the user name is your CNIC.
The second step is to add your business to your NTN. Login IRIS account and under the Registration tab please select “181 (Form of Registration filed for modification) (Income Tax)” and then fill out the form with the following details.

Property: In this section, you will need to enter your address details including type (agriculture, commercial, residential, etc) and other details.
In this portion, you will require to enter the name, acquisition date, and Principal Activity.
Bank Account: In the last section please complete bank account information including IBAN, Account Type (Fixed or current), name, and address of the bank.
To complete the process please attach the rent agreement or ownership deed and also Paid utility bills. After submitting the form, FBR shall verify the information provided and issue an order whether Form-181 is accepted or rejected. In case of approval, the taxpayer profile is automatically updated. To confirm that all the information you have provided is correct or complete please check NTN status online which shows details about the Business (Name, Address, and Principal Activity).

If you are already in business or planning to start your new startup, it is required by law to get registered with the Federal Board of Revenue and must also file your annual income tax returns every year.

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