PEC Registration

PEC Registration

Pakistan Engineering Council(PEC) is mainly responsible for the registration of new, renewal, and up-gradation of constructors/ operators firms in Pakistan and is governed by the Construction and Operation of Engineering Works Bye-laws and applied to all engineering works whose values are exceeding four million rupees. Broadly speaking the engineering works are broadly divided into two categories:

Constructors: Can complete all projects which include surveys, sub-soil, erection, installation, rebuilding, and repair works.


Operators: These firms are responsible for  the supervision, management, and execution of completed projects.

Is PEC Registration Compulsory?

Yes, All contractors and Operator’s are required to an obtain license from Pakistan Engineering Council for their work.

Constructor’/ Operator’s Category

Constructors and Operators are categorized into the following based on their Net Worth, Engineer’s PCP Credit, and Project Capital Cost. The Lowest category is started from C6/O6 and the highest is C-A summarized in the following table.
Constructor’/ Operator’s CategoryProject Capital Cost (Million Rupees)Net Worth (Million Rupees)Minimum Requirements(PCP Credit)
C-A/O-ANo limit150200
C-1 /O-12,5008090
C-2 /O-21,0005035
C-3 /O-35003020
C-4 /O-4200615
C-5 /O-56535
C-6 /O-6251.55








PEC Registration Requirements

Any Individual, AOP/Partnership Firm (must be registered with Registrar of firms ) or company can apply for Registration with PEC. For category  C-6 To C4 Registration with SECP is not compulsory, however in case for category C-3/O-3 and above Registration with SECP is mandatory.

Renewal of license:As a rule, all PEC Registered firms are required to renew their licenses after the date of expiration, PEC licenses can be renew from one year to three years. In case of renewal for more than a year, the firm will submit a declaration on affidavit at the start of every financial year  (Ist  July) to the PEC that the firm.

  • Is not black listed by any department.
  • List of engineers serving.

Failure to get its registration to renew, the has to pay a late surcharge of 5% of defaulting fee amount. Renewal cases of all categories of constructors/ operators will be exempted from the registration of the company with SECP.

Up-Gradation of Licence

PEC Registered firms are eligible for up-gradation from lower to any higher category:

  • One step (For example C6 To C5)
  • Two steps (C6 To C4)
  • Three Steps (C6 To C3)

Subject to the following criteria.

Completed Projects

  • All Work(s) should have been executed during the last three years.
  • The minimum Work completion ratio is 60%.

For one-step up-gradation, the accumulative financial worth of the above-mentioned Projects should be a minimum of 70% of the existing category limit. For example from up-gradation from C6 To C5, the net worth of Completed Projects is equal to 1,050,000 Rs. In of of more than one step up-gradation the worth of accumulative projects should be at least 70% of the limit of one category below the desired category. From up-gradation from C6 To C4, the net worth of Completed Projects is equal to 2,100,000. Up-gradation in the C-3/O-3 category and above mandatory registration from SECP is not required.