Salary Tax Slabs 2022 23 Pakistan

Are you doing property business or have some of your income related to property and wants to know how to calculate the income tax payable on your property? If yes, then you have on the right place. In this blog post are going to discuss everything you should know about the division of your property income and the taxes payable on it according to the latest tax rates in Pakistan.

Property Tax in Pakistan:

The finance bill 2022-23 has made significant changes to the property taxes. The monetary threshold requirements for  Capital Gain Tax are now withdrawn. Instead, immovable property is classified into three types.

  1. Open Plots
  2. Construction property
  3. Flats

The applicable rates are listed below.

S.NoHolding Period of Property              Rate of taxes
Open PlotsConstructed PropertyFlats
1Does not exceed one year15%15%15%
2Exceeds one year but does not exceed two years12.50%10%7.50%
3Exceeds two years but does not exceed three years10%7.50%0%
4Exceeds three years but does not exceed four years7.50%5%0%
5Exceeds four years but does not exceed five years5%00%
6Exceeds five years but does not exceed six years2.50%0%0%
     7Exceeds six years0%0%0%

The main features of the proposed changes are as follows.

  1. Same rates of taxes on all types of properties if sold within one year of purchase
  2. No property tax on flats if the holding period exceeds three years but does not exceed four years.
  3. Higher rates of tax on Open Plots.
  4. If the purchased properties are sold after one year then taxes are reduced.
  5. The proposed changes will encourage more investment in flats as rates of property taxes are lowest on sale of flats.
  6. Lastly, property taxes are only applicable in properties held in Pakistan. No taxes are payable on properties held outside Pakistan. This will encourage overseas Pakistanis to make more investments in foreign countries.

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