How to become filer in Pakistan

How to become filer in Pakistan

In this article, we will discuss “ How to become filer in Pakistan”

“Filer” means the person whose name appeared in the active payer list or “ATL”  whereas the active payer list or “ATL” means the directory of taxpayers who have filed their income tax return within the due date and it will be updated on 1st march of every year. For example “ATL” for the tax year 2021 was published on 1st march, 2022 and included the names of those taxpayers who have submitted their financials before 15 Oct 2021.  If the person has submitted tax returns but after the due date has lapsed, then the person has to pay the appliable penalty (1,000 for individuals, 10,000 for AOP, 20,000 for Companies) to the FBR to become a filer.

To confirm whether you are a filer or not please visit the FBR website  and enter your CNIC or  NTN. If your name is not included in the list of filers, the main reason is

  1. Income Tax Returns Not Filed:

If the returns are not yet submitted then firstly file your wealth statements for the year 2021 and then create a payment challan of 1,000 (for individuals only) and make payment either through easy paisa, jazz cash or online. After the payment has been confirmed you will become a filer immediately.

  1. Income Tax Returns Filed Late:

If you have already filed your returns for the year 2021 but after the due date of 15 Oct 2021, then you have to pay a fine of 1,000 (for individuals only).   

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