Sole Proprietorship
Sole Proprietorship or a Sole Trader is the oldest and most simple  structure for the business. That is owned and managed  by a single individual. Selecting  the organization  ownership structure depends on Principal Business Activity for example if you interested in travel and tours then in that case  Private Limited Company  registration with SECP is mandatory for IATA membership.
The features of  Sole Proprietorship
It is very easy to setup than other type of business like partnerships or companies as there is  no formal or legal  requirements.
Decisions making and control by single person.
Tax liabilities are also limited  however if annual revenue exceed hundred million rupees then minimum and advance taxes are applicable.
No need to file separate annual income tax returns for the business , the owner is only need to file their personal tax returns.
The owner will avail the whole  profit  from all of trade activities  as there is no other shareholder.
Owner is personally responsible for the all  trade losses and liabilities , in case of default amount can be  recovered through sale of personal assets  of the owner’s.
Lastly and most importantly No assets or property can be held in the name of business.

How to register  ? 
The registration procedures are very simple. The registration procedures are very simple. Only NTN Registration is sufficient for this purpose. There is no requirements of any other certificate any further. Documents  required  for NTN Registration are listed below:
Registration Form 181
Name of your Business 
Office  Address
Principal Activity
Scan copy of Rent agreement in case rental property  or ownership documents if property is your own   
Scan copy of  current  Electricity bills   
Date of commencement
Color scan copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
Mobile Number must be registered against your CNIC
Email Address

How We Can Help You ?
Al-Muhasib & Co.  has been providing Registration  services for Sole Traders  since 2008 in all over Pakistan. Further more If you need  any assistance in registration of your business  Please feel free to contact us. 

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