Tuesday, 28 Jun 2022

Al-Muhasib & Co.

Tax & Corporate Consultant

Our Services


In Income tax we cover all aspects of income tax including NTN Registration, Income Tax Return Filling, FBR Notices compliances and advisory.

Sales tax. Papers on the office table.

Our Sales Tax services includes Sales Tax Returns Filling, Sales Tax Registration (STRN) with FBR and provisional tax authorities (KPRA/PRA)

Business Registration services including Company with SECP/ Partnership Firm /LLP/WeBOC /PEC  Trademark  and NGO Registration.


Digital marketing services including social media marketing Facebook, Instagram and Search Engine 0ptimization.


Accounting services for business includes Bookkeeping, Preparation of Financial Statements and Annual Audit.  

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Our range of services covers New Registration, Renewal and Up-gradation of PEC Firms (Constructors / Operators) in all categories C6-CA

Consultancy Fees

Returns Filing

Business Registration